Product Briefs Version Released
HD1000 Development Kit (PB025)
The HD1000 development kit is optimized for development of networking and communication sub-systems — with 100 Gbps throughput, and offers the appropriate ports and memory capacity for these functions. Download
2.7 09/12/2016
PCIe Accelerator-6D Board (PB027)
The Achronix PCIe Accelerator-6D Board is the industry’s highest memory bandwidth, FPGA-based PCIe add-in card for high-speed acceleration applications. Download
1.3 06/23/2016
Speedcore eFPGA Product Brief (PB028)
Speedcore IP is embedded FPGA (eFPGA) that can be integrated into an ASIC or SoC. Customers specify their logic, RAM and DSP resource needs, then Achronix configures the Speedcore IP to meet their individual requirements. Download
1.0 05/09/2017
Speedster22i HD FPGA Platform (PB024)
The Speedster22i HD FPGAs have a synchronous architecture and are built on Intel’s advanced 22nm 3-D Tri-Gate transistor technology. Targeted for high-bandwidth communication applications, Speedster22i HD FPGAs offer the combination of the highest density with the lowest power consumption. Download
2.7 06/12/2014
White Papers Version Released
EFPGA Acceleration in SoCs — Understanding the Speedcore IP Design Process (WP008)
The Speedcore design and integration methodology has been defined with intimate awareness of the difficulties ASIC engineering teams must contend with. All the necessary files and flows for capturing the functional, timing and power characteristics of a user-defined and programmed Speedcore instance, along with support for successfully reconfiguring an already field-deployed Speedcore IP embedded in an ASIC, are available to an ASIC development team either as products of the ACE design tools or as deliverables provided by Achronix. This methodology has already been proven in silicon and readily accommodates variations and preferences in company-specific ASIC development methodologies. Download
1.0 08/01/2017
Embedded FPGA – a New System-Level Programming Paradigm (WP006)
The current public debate on the future of the semiconductor industry has turned to discussions about a growing selection of technologies that focuses instead on new system architectures and better use of available silicon through new concepts in circuit, device, and packaging design. The emergence of embedded FPGA is, in fact, not only essential at this juncture of the microelectronics history, but also inevitable. To understand this, a review of the history of FPGA technology is in order. Download
1.0 02/18/2017
Evaluating Speedcore IP For Your ASIC (WP007)
Phase zero is the beginning of a Speedcore design and how you begin matters. From a technical perspective, you will want to explore the possibilities to maximize the benefit of having your ASIC deployed with a Speedcore instance with a mix of resources well suited to your current and future programmed configurations. Achronix will help you along this road, providing support, training and feedback in employing tools, benchmarking designs and dealing with optimization issues. Download
1.0 08/04/2017
Using FPGAs to Accelerate Data Centers (WP005)
With the technology industry at a crossroads — the effective repeal of Moore's Law  — data centers have become the sweet spot of the technology sector, showing healthy revenue growth and attracting new system solutions in both hardware and software. Unlike the ethereal promise of upcoming wonders from AI, robotics and the IoT, data center growth and innovation is happening in the here and now, with an even brighter future ahead the moment other nascent markets emerge from their chrysalis with killer apps of their own. Download
1.0 06/14/2016
Datasheets and Tables Version Released
Speedcore eFPGA Datasheet (DS003)
Achronix's Speedcore embedded FPGA architecture includes look-up-table, memory, and DSP building blocks that are designed in a modular structure which allows customers to define any quantity of resources required for their end system. Download
1.17 10/16/2017
Speedster22i HD1000 FPGA (DS005)
Speedster22i HD devices run at a maximum rate of 750 MHz and have effective densities of up to 1.7 Million LUTs. Based on the Intel 22nm process, Speedster22i HD devices are SRAM based and fully reconfigurable. Download
1.1 02/27/2016
Speedster22i HD1000 Pin Table Download 1.9 03/05/2015
User Guides Version Released
All Achronix Devices
ACE Installation & Licensing Guide (UG002) Download 2.0 10/01/2017
Bitstream Programming and Debug Interface User Guide (UG004) Download 1.5 07/21/2017
Simulation User Guide (UG072) Download 1.2 11/13/2016
Snapshot User Guide (UG016) Download 2.0 09/24/2017
Speedcore eFPGAs
ACE User Guide for Speedcore eFPGAs (UG070) Download 2.9 09/24/2017
Speedcore ASIC Integration and Timing User Guide (UG064) Download 1.8 10/02/2017
Speedcore Clock and Reset Architecture User Guide (UG063) Download 1.3 07/11/2017
Speedcore Configuration User Guide (UG061) Download 2.2 08/20/2017
Speedcore DFT and Test User Guide (UG067) Download 1.2 08/28/2017
Speedcore IP Component Library User Guide (UG065) Download 1.8 07/19/2017
Speedcore Power Estimator User Guide (UG073) Download 1.1 10/31/2016
Speedcore Power User Guide (UG066) Download 1.6 07/17/2017
Speedcore Software Integration and Flow User Guide (UG062) Download 1.6 07/01/2017
Speedcore Synthesis User Guide (UG071) Download 1.1 10/31/2016
Speedster22i FPGAs
ACE User Guide (UG001) Download 6.0.0 01/05/2016
ACE Timing Constraints User Guide (UG053) Download 1.0 04/17/2015
ACX-KIT-HD1000-100G Development Kit QuickStart Guide (UG045) Download 1.3 01/03/2015
ACX-KIT-HD1000-100G Development Kit User Guide (UG034) Download 1.12 06/27/2016
PCIe Accelerator-6D Card Quick Start User Guide (UG055) Download 1.2 11/09/2016
PCIe Accelerator-6D Card User Guide (UG074) Download 1.1 03/23/2017
Speedster22i 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet User Guide (UG029) Download 1.7 01/20/2017
Speedster22i Capacitor User Guide (UG051) Download 1.0 04/10/2015
Speedster22i Configuration User Guide (UG033) Download 1.3 03/07/2016
Speedster22i Clock and Reset Networks User Guide (UG027) Download 1.8 05/16/2016
Speedster22i DDR3 User Guide (UG031) Download 2.1 11/18/2014
Speedster22i Interlaken User Guide (UG032) Download 1.2 05/15/2014
Speedster22i Macro Cell Library (UG021) Download 1.10 04/21/2016
Speedster22i Memory PHY User Guide (UG043) Download 1.0 04/26/2016
Speedster22i Pin Connections and Power Supply Sequencing User Guide (UG042) Download 1.14 03/07/2016
Speedster22i Power Estimator Tool User Guide (UG054) Download 1.0 07/28/2016
Speedster22i SerDes User Guide (UG028) Download 2.2 11/24/2015
Speedster22i sBus Interface User Guide (UG047) Download 1.0 10/24/2016
Speedster22i PCI Express User Guide (UG030) Download 2.1 05/22/2016
Synthesis User Guide for Speedster22i HD Devices (UG018) Download 1.1 04/15/2013

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