Product Briefs Version Released Link
HD1000 Development Kit (PB025) 2.7 09/12/2016 Download
PCIe Accelerator-6D Board (PB027) 1.3 06/23/2016 Download
Speedcore eFPGA Product Brief (PB028) 1.0 05/09/2017 Download
Speedster22i HD FPGA Platform (PB024) 2.7 06/12/2014 Download
White Papers Version Released Link
Embedded FPGA – a New System-Level Programming Paradigm (WP006) 1.0 02/18/2017 Download
Using FPGAs to Accelerate Data Centers (WP005) 1.0 06/14/2016 Download
Datasheets and Tables Version Released Link
Speedcore eFPGA Datasheet (DS003) 1.14 12/09/2016 Download
Speedster22i HD1000 FPGA (DS005) 1.1 02/27/2016 Download
Speedster22i HD1000 Pin Table 1.9.0 03/05/2015 Download
User Guides Version Released Link
All Achronix Devices
Achronix Software & License User Guide (UG002) 1.0 04/05/2013 Download
Bitstream Programming and Debug Interface User Guide (UG004) 1.3 05/21/2017 Download
Simulation User Guide (UG072) 1.2 11/13/2016 Download
Snapshot User Guide (UG016) 1.4 08/02/2016 Download
Speedcore eFPGAs
ACE User Guide for Speedcore eFPGAs (UG070) 6.0.5 05/02/2017 Download
Speedcore ASIC Integration and Timing User Guide (UG064) 1.6 05/02/2017 Download
Speedcore Clock and Reset Architecture User Guide (UG063) 1.2 06/10/2017 Download
Speedcore Configuration User Guide (UG061) 2.0 05/21/2017 Download
Speedcore DFT and Test User Guide (UG067) 1.1 05/31/2017 Download
Speedcore IP Component Library User Guide (UG065) 1.6 03/31/2017 Download
Speedcore Power Estimator User Guide (UG073) 1.1 10/31/2016 Download
Speedcore Power User Guide (UG066) 1.4 06/15/2017 Download
Speedcore Software Integration and Flow User Guide (UG062) 1.5 05/02/2017 Download
Speedcore Synthesis User Guide (UG071) 1.1 10/31/2016 Download
Speedster22i FPGAs
ACE User Guide (UG001) 6.0.0 01/05/2016 Download
ACE Timing Constraints User Guide (UG053) 1.0 04/17/2015 Download
ACX-KIT-HD1000-100G Development Kit QuickStart Guide (UG045) 1.3 01/03/2015 Download
ACX-KIT-HD1000-100G Development Kit User Guide (UG034) 1.12 06/27/2016 Download
PCIe Accelerator-6D Card Quick Start User Guide (UG055) 1.2 11/09/2016 Download
Speedster22i 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet User Guide (UG029) 1.7 01/20/2017 Download
Speedster22i Capacitor User Guide (UG051) 1.0 04/10/2015 Download
Speedster22i Configuration User Guide (UG033) 1.3 03/07/2016 Download
Speedster22i Clock and Reset Networks User Guide (UG027) 1.8 05/16/2016 Download
Speedster22i DDR3 User Guide (UG031) 2.1 11/18/2014 Download
Speedster22i Interlaken User Guide (UG032) 1.2 05/15/2014 Download
Speedster22i Macro Cell Library (UG021) 1.10 04/21/2016 Download
Speedster22i Memory PHY User Guide (UG043) 1.0 04/26/2016 Download
Speedster22i Pin Connections and Power Supply Sequencing User Guide (UG042) 1.14 03/07/2016 Download
Speedster22i Power Estimator Tool User Guide (UG054) 1.0 07/28/2016 Download
Speedster22i SerDes User Guide (UG028) 2.2 11/24/2015 Download
Speedster22i sBus Interface User Guide (UG047) 1.0 10/24/2016 Download
Speedster22i PCI Express User Guide (UG030) 2.1 05/22/2016 Download
Synthesis User Guide for Speedster22i HD Devices (UG018) 1.1 04/15/2013 Download
Video Demos Version Released Link
10G Ethernet Lab Demo   02/27/2016 View
100G Ethernet Lab Demo   03/05/2015 View
Achronix CAD Environment (ACE) Software Overview   10/10/2016 View
Achronix PCIe Accelerator-6D IP Filter Demo   02/23/2017 View
The Basics of eFPGA Acceleration   05/03/2017 View
PCIe Accelerator-6D Video Demo   11/02/2016 View
PCI Express Lab Demo   03/05/2015 View

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