Key Trends

It's clear the future of automotive transportation will be filled with fully autonomous vehicles. However, there is no one perfect approach, and whether it's an architecture that is centralized, decentralized, uses cameras, radar or laser sensors each technology provider will take their own unique approach in order to differentiate from the competition.  With increasing adoption of AI, the application requirements will continue to change and with the long production cycles from design concept to volume production one thing is certain, these products need to be designed with flexibility in mind. 


Achronix Solution

Achronix is uniquely positioned in the automotive market as a supplier of embedded FPGA or eFPGA IP.  Our Speedcore eFPGA IP allows for automotive semiconductor suppliers to include a custom amount of programmable logic in their devices which allows for customization beyond what you can do in a typical CPU or GPU.  With an eFPGA, designers can run multiple applications in parallel, combine multiple data sources like camera and radar sensor fusion all at the lowest performance per watt of other solutions.  In addition, designers save board space by not needing an external FPGA which also saves cost and power compared to a two device solution.  Only Achronix offers the silicon proven Speedcore eFPGA IP for high volume automotive applications.

Figure 1: Example Speedcore eFPGA SoC

Speedcore eFPGA SoC

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