Achronix Partners

Partners that offer EDA tools, IP, software, silicon solutions and services supporting Achronix’s versatile Speedster FPGAs and Speedcore eFPGA IP technology are listed below. This program connects Achronix’s partners with our rapidly growing customer base who are creating designs based on Achronix’s technologies, or considering the use of Achronix’s programmable silicon and IP technologies.

Achronix’s ecosystem partners, a global ecosystem of independent qualified vendors, help system designers to rapidly create system-level designs for Achronix FPGAs, chiplets, and eFPGA IP by offering tools, software, and third-party IP that augment Achronix’s own ACE design tools and IP products. These partners offer proven products and expert design support for Achronix-specific, FPGA-based development to shorten design cycles for complex electronic systems and thus accelerate time to market.

AccelerComm Ltd
AccelerComm is an exciting semiconductor IP company that provides channel coding solutions to accelerate the next generations of wireless communications. Their technology solves the challenges that would otherwise limit the speed of next generation wireless communication, namely the error correction decoding that is required to overcome the effects of noise, interference and poor signal strength. Channel coding theory describes how to achieve error resilient digital communication. AccelerComm’s Vision is to deliver innovative, ground breaking technology that enables ultra-high performance error resilient digital communications within an aggressive low power budget.
Accelize offers an FPGA applications and FPGA IP cores distribution platform. This product helps FPGA companies to: Protect their intellectual properties by using our patented, hardware DRM technology Monetize their apps using our unique licensing solutions. Our platform allows new kind of business models such as floating or pay-as-you-go Scale their solutions to a vast variety of environment either on premise or in the cloud
Acclivis Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Acclivis Technologies is a high-end services company managed by technically qualified professionals with collective experience of more than 200 man-years in product engineering services with custom solutions to meet the client requirements. Acclivis believe that processes are the key of successful deliveries and therefore, Acclivis follows well defined industry processes for software and hardware development, testing, maintenance and sustenance projects.
Atomic Rules LLC
Atomic Rules is an FPGA IP and IP Services provider founded in 2008 and have built a reputation in the reconfigurable community of serving our customers and clients. This in turn has caught the attention of COTS board manufacturers and FPGA chip vendors. They provide clients with effective solutions to problems involving packet processing and reconfigurable computing. Atomic Rules employs scalable, rule-based methods to tackle complex concurrency among heterogeneous processors. Atomic Rules understands the limitations of composing complex processor interactions using legacy RTL methods. To address this challenge, under-the-hood they use domain-specific tools and techniques inspired by functional programming.
Atria Logic, Inc.
Atria Logic, Inc., a US company founded in 2006, is a leading provider of HW/SW intellectual property (IP) products and services for Multimedia processing and System-on-Chip designs. Atria Logic provides solutions for its customers in Surveillance, Medical Imaging, Data Center Storage Networking verticals.
BigCat Wireless Pvt Ltd
BigCat Wireless focuses on developing innovative solutions in the Wireless space. These innovative solutions are a result of the deep Research focus on advanced Wireless Technologies and pioneering in translating these innovations to solutions using well defined and predictable engineering methods.
CAST develops, aggregates, and integrates digital IP cores and subsystems. The company’s product line includes low-power, high-value, processors, video and image codecs, peripherals, interfaces, and encryption. Verified off-the-shelf products implementing industry standards provide easy integration in customer designs along with quality documentation and support. CAST engineers support customers with evaluations, hardware integration, certification, and customization services.
Comcores ApS
Comcores is developing and licensing IP for high-speed interconnect protocol standards and communication systems. IPs include among others JESD204B/C, eCPRI and Ethernet switches and MACs.
DinoPlusAI, Inc.
DinoPlusAI, founded in October 2017, is a fabless semiconductor corporation based in Fremont, California. DinoPlusAI offers high-performance, ultra-low latency AI platform. DinoPlusAI will be the platform of choice for next generation AI applications where latency matters as much as the throughput and power, such as AR/VR, NLP, gaming, 5G, industrial automation, autonomous driving, cybersecurity and FinTech. As demonstrated in recent benchmarking in applications such as speech recognition and image classification, DinoPlusAI achieved similar performance with order of magnitude better in cost and power compared to the existing state-of-art solution.
eMemory Technology, Inc.
eMemory Technology Inc. is the world’s leading developer and provider of logic-based non-volatile memory (Logic NVM) technology. The company licenses its silicon intellectual property (Silicon IP) to semiconductor foundries, integrated devices manufacturers (IDMs), and fabless design houses around the world. As a global leader in the eNVM (embedded Non-volatile Memory) market, eMemory provides patented eNVM solutions with the industry’s most comprehensive process technology coverage. The company also pioneers in providing the security IP core based on silicon biometrics.
FWDNXT provides efficient and high-performance hardware and software solutions based on deep learning and neural networks. FDWNXT products are centered on a machine-learning processor called Inference Engine, designed to accelerate deep learning application while delivering the highest possible computational efficiency, at the lowest-power consumption, the lowest memory bandwidth usage, and providing scalability from IoT devices to servers. FWDNXT provides deep learning application services to train, deploy and productize neural-network based applications with the goal of providing the best performance per operation in class.
IBEX Technology Co.,Ltd.
IBEX Technology, based in Japan, provides Video Codec IPs, IC design services and consulting such as ASIC and large scale FPGA design, PCBs, etc. IBEX has developed a wide variety of video codecs such as MPEG-2, H.264/AVC, Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD , SONY XAVC, Panasonic AVC-Intra and H.265/HEVC. IBEX Technology has track record mainly in the broadcast equipment industry, which requires high quality, reliability and stability.
InAccel Inc.
InAccel Inc., is a US company founded in 2018 in Delaware. InAccel is specialized in developing accelerators for machine learning, data analytics, data processing (compression, encryption) and databases. The accelerators from InAccel are also compatible with the widely-used framework for distributed data processing Apache Spark. Spark can be used for data analytics and machine learning applications. InAccel’s accelerators can be deployed under Spark without any modifications of the source code. InAccel provides all the required libraries and APIs for seamless deployment of accelerators in the customer applications.
Intilop, Inc.
Intilop is a developer, provider, a pioneer and recognized leader in advanced networking silicon IP and system solutions, custom hardware solutions, SoC/ASIC/FPGA integrator and total system solutions provider for Networking, Network Security, storage and Embedded Systems.
Logic Fruit Technologies
Logic Fruit Technologies is one of the leaders in FPGA centric Product Engineering Service and its team has worked on industry leading FPGAs for since 2000. Some of the markets that we serve includes Wired, Wireless,T&M and A&D. Logic Fruit has graduated from traditional FPGA business to the new era of complex FPGA use cases particularly in Data Center and AI/ML designs where the strong expertise on CPU, GPU, AISC and SoC are additionally required.
We enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. Our innovative products and solutions help engineers conquer design challenges in the increasingly complex worlds of board and chip design.
Mobiveil, Inc
Mobiveil is a fast-growing Technology Company that specialize in the creation of Intellectual properties, market specific hardware platforms and solutions for the Storage, Networking and IoT markets. Mobiveil team leverages decades of expertise in delivering high quality production proven high speed interconnect silicon IP cores, platforms and value-added engineering services to leading customers worldwide.
Moortec Semiconductor Ltd
Established in 2005, Moortec provides compelling embedded subsystem IP solutions for Process, Voltage & Temperature (PVT) monitoring, targeting advanced node CMOS technologies on 40nm, 28nm, 16nm, 12nm and 7nm. Moortec’s in-chip sensing solutions support the semiconductor design community’s demands for increased device reliability and enhanced performance optimization. Moortec provides excellent support for IP application, integration and device test during production. Moortec’s high-performance analog and mixed-signal IP designs are delivered to ASIC and System on Chip (SoC) technologies within the datacenter, consumer, automotive and IoT sectors.
Napablaze A/S
Napablaze designs and manufactures high-performance hardware systems capable of monitoring IP traffic flows for network visibility purposes. Hardware systems able to monitor entire networks while at the same time drilling down to provide visibility and identifying any packet on the network. Providing full packet capture with zero packet loss.
Packet Architects AB
Packet Architects AB is a privately held semiconductor IP company located in Lund, Sweden. Packet Architects was founded by a team with extensive experience in designing ASICs for various communication systems. Packet Architects was founded with the clear focus that Ethernet, in all its forms, will be the pervasive technology which all future communication systems will be based on. Therefore enabling Ethernet on all platforms in all its shapes is a key focus for us.
Radiant Semiconductors Pvt.Ltd
Radiant Semiconductors is a fast growing fabless Semiconductor, Embedded Automotive & Software Development Services Company. We have strong capabilities in ASIC design from Spec to Silicon and software development end to end. Our core team expertise includes Physical Design, ASIC Verification, Analog Layout, Analog Circuit Design, FPGA Design Verification and Embedded Systems across different foundries & nodes (180nm - 5nm). Our customers include leading tier1 and tier2 companies in India, Israel, Japan and Malaysia to name a few.
rENIAC was founded in 2013 by Prasanna Sundararajan, CEO and Chidamber Kulkarni, CTO to give customers the ability to operationalize large data sets in real time. rENIAC is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and investors include Intel Capital, UMC Capital, Leawood Venture Capital, Divergent Capital, Bullpen Capital, Upheaval Investments and J-Angels.
Signoff Semiconductors
SignOff Semiconductors is a Spec-to-Silicon SoC/ASIC Design Services company headquartered in Bangalore, India and presence in San Jose CA, providing services for the Automotive, mobile, IoT and communications markets across India and US. Our core expertise includes Physical Design, Verification and Custom Layout across different foundries & nodes (180nm - 7nm), along with providing custom silicon solutions using both in-house expertise and third-party IPs.
Synopsys Inc
Synopsys technology is at the heart of innovations that are changing the way we work and play. Autonomous vehicles. Artificial intelligence. The cloud. 5G. These breakthroughs are ushering in the era of Smart, Secure Everything―where devices are getting smarter, everything’s connected, and everything must be secure. Powering this new era of digital innovation are advanced silicon chips and exponentially growing amounts of software content―all working together, smartly and securely. Synopsys is at the forefront of Smart, Secure Everything with the world’s most advanced technologies for chip design, verification, IP integration, and application security testing. We help our customers innovate from silicon to software, so they can deliver Smart, Secure Everything.
System-On-Chip Technologies Inc
SOC specializes in high-performance video CODEC IP Cores such as MPEG2, H.264, and H.265 encoders, decoders, and transcoders. SOC's MPEG CODECs are implemented using its proprietary single-clock driven, all-hardware parallel architecture (without processors and embedded software), which feature a tiny silicon footprint, ultra-low latency, and ultra-low power consumption.
Tamba Networks LLC
Tamba Networks is led by a team of world-class experts from premier telecommunications equipment suppliers and FPGA manufacturers, including Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Alcatel Lucent, Altera, and Xilinx. Leveraging our highly talented design, engineering and management teams, Tamba Networks is designing and developing the most compact, efficient, and cost-effective Connectivity IP Solutions in the world.
TaraCom Integrated Products
TaraCom Integrated Products is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the Development of IP cores and customer, proprietary Design Services. The IP business consists of innovative High Speed Serial Link technologies and IoT and high voltage Functions integrated in CMOS process. These IP's have a wide range of applications in networking, computing, communication, storage, consumer entertainment, and low speed vehicles and consumer appliance markets. The Design Services business consists of "custom" customer specific designs where special functions are required and can consist of TaraCom designing the complete SOC or augmenting a customers’ design team.
Tharace Systems Inc.
Thrace Systems is a privately held Electronic Design Automation company. We believe in reducing power dissipation in semiconductor devices. It is our mission to enable Everyone — Architects, Design Engineers, System Engineers, Application Engineers, and Reliability Experts, collaborate to better understand, plan and optimize power dissipation of their devices and systems. For this we have developed a web based cloud hosted innovative platform for full-chip and system power dissipation analysis.
UCTECHIP Corporation
UC Techip is a technology R&D and service provider that has delivered innovative open ISA, RISC-V based processor cores and verification suite, software, silicon intellectual property (IP) and Domain Specific Architecture (DSA) solutions. UC Techip joined RISC-V Foundation on 2017 and has offices at Santa Clara, Xi'an and Shenzhen.
WASAI Technology, Inc.
WASAI Technology provides high-performance computing with the assistance of FPGA card, which benefits in High-Performance-Data-Analysis (HPDA) for future data centers by shortening the processing time of vertical applications with massive volumes and high velocity of scientific data. We target on unique solutions for the software/hardware co-design integration with the hardware assistance of FPGA card and both the acceleration and the optimization of the data processing platform. Our solution can benefit data to enterprises by shortening the processing time and reducing the data center building costs and operating costs.
Zeuxion is an experienced design house offering cost effective design services to companies primarily within the data and telecommunications industry. Their design services cover development of FPGAs, large scale ASIC designs and embedded Software. Their services range from Analysis, Design, Planning, Implementation and Documentation to Verification & Test. It also covers future maintenance support of delivered designs. Zeuxion is very focused on customer centric Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) handling and is known in the industry to have “Always On” responsiveness.