Atomic Rules LLC

Partner Details

Atomic Rules LLC
287 Chester Rd., Auburn, NH, USA

Partner Overview

Atomic Rules is an FPGA IP and IP Services provider founded in 2008 and have built a reputation in the reconfigurable community of serving our customers and clients. This in turn has caught the attention of COTS board manufacturers and FPGA chip vendors. They provide clients with effective solutions to problems involving packet processing and reconfigurable computing. Atomic Rules employs scalable, rule-based methods to tackle complex concurrency among heterogeneous processors. Atomic Rules understands the limitations of composing complex processor interactions using legacy RTL methods. To address this challenge, under-the-hood they use domain-specific tools and techniques inspired by functional programming.


UOE – UDP Offload Engine

UOE provides Ethernet L2/L4 interconversion in hardware at configurable line rates to 100 GbE and beyond

TimeServo – Coherent FPGA Time

TimeServo provides an 80-bit phase accumulator that can be distributed coherently across multiple clock domains.

Arkville – DPDK for the Datacenter

Arkville combines a Linux Foundation DPDK Poll Mode Driver (net/ark) with an RTL core that offloads DPDK mbuf data motion.

ARDSoC – DPDK for Embedded/Edge

ARDSoC brings DPDK to embedded and edge devices by exploiting the locality of ARM cores and FPGA gates.

Partnership Solutions

All four of Atomic Rules products are synergistic with Achronix Silicon

  • UOE provides L2/L4 capability directly.  Will exploit Achronix faster FPGA fabric, and serdes.
  • TimeServo useful whenever coherent time is needed across the FPGA. Not just for packet stamping but any quality-of-time sensitive application.
  • Arkville and ARDSoC useful where Achronix customers require DPDK