Grovety, Inc.

Partner Details

Grovety, Inc.
1811 Silverside Road, Wilmington, Delaware 19810

Partner Overview

Grovety is a software design house with an intense background of 30 years in embedded firmware, SDKs, drivers, protocols, all the way down to low-level programming. With a team of 40 highly capable engineers and architects experienced in solving the most complex tasks in dozens of international projects, the Grovety team specializes in NN accelerators and other special-purpose chips (MCU / DSP / FPGA / TPU), staying focused on LLVM and TVM frameworks.


Services Focused on Software Development

  • Development tools: SDK, IDE, compilers, debuggers, linkers, etc.
  • Edge AI / tiny ML: TVM, uTVM, TensorFlow Lite, etc.
  • Firmware: Drivers, BSP, protocols, etc.

Leading Solutions

  • Hardware optimized (performance and cost) neural network inference solution
  • Infrastructure deployment
  • OTA updates for infrastructure design
  • Remote integration on real hardware and support services

Partnership Solutions

  • Neural network inference solution for Speedster7t FPGAs and Speedcore eFPGAs