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AccelerComm Ltd
Southampton. England, United Kingdom

Partner Overview

AccelerComm is an exciting semiconductor IP company that provides channel coding solutions to accelerate the next generations of wireless communications. Their technology solves the challenges that would otherwise limit the speed of next generation wireless communication, namely the error correction decoding that is required to overcome the effects of noise, interference and poor signal strength. Channel coding theory describes how to achieve error resilient digital communication.

AccelerComm’s Vision is to deliver innovative, ground breaking technology that enables ultra-high performance error resilient digital communications within an aggressive low power budget.


Polar Chain for 5G NR

Our patented polar encoding and decoding IP for the 3GPP New Radio uplink and downlink includes the entire processing chain, to provide quick and easy integration and minimize the amount of extra work needed. The polar core uses PC- and CRC-aided SCL polar decoding techniques, in order to achieve compromise-free error correction performance. Our decoding IP has several parameters, which can be adjusted at synthesis-time to scale the parallelism, latency and throughput. The decoder list size can be reduced from the typical list 8, in order to best fit the required application.

Turbo Decoder for LTE

At AccelerComm we have designed an ultra parallel turbo decoder for all versions of LTE that can reduce latency without impacting area and improve processing throughput by 10x, therefore, meeting the requirements for uRLLC by only reprogramming the Achronix FPGA within your system. This will enable deployment to a much wider group of IoT and latency sensitive applications.

LDPC Chain for 5G NR

This product is currently under development, please contact us to join the lead partner program and receive early deliverables.

Partnership Solutions

All the AccelerComm products are designed to provide the best hardware efficiency usage for the Achronix FPGA delivering best in class throughput and power consumption.