Speedster7t FPGAs

Speedster®7t FPGAs are optimized for high-bandwidth workloads and eliminate the performance bottlenecks associated with traditional FPGAs.

The Speedster7t FPGA family is optimized for high-bandwidth workloads and eliminates the performance bottlenecks associated with traditional FPGAs. Built on TSMC’s 7nm FinFET process, Speedster7t FPGAs feature a revolutionary new 2D network-on-chip (NoC), an array of new machine learning processors (MLPs) optimized for high-bandwidth and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) workloads, high-bandwidth GDDR6 interfaces, 400G Ethernet and PCI Express Gen5 ports — all interconnected to deliver ASIC-level performance while retaining the full programmability of FPGAs.  Get started today with the VectorPath accelerator card, featuring the Speedster7t FPGA.

2D Network on Chip (NoC) High-Speed Interfaces Machine Learning Processors
  • >20 Tbps bandwidth
  • Reduce routing congestion vs. traditional FPGAs
  • Simplify FPGA design
  • PCIe Gen5
  • Up to 72 – 112 Gbps SerDes
  • 400G Ethernet Interfaces
  • Eight hard GDDR6 memory interfaces with 4 Tbps bandwidth
  • Native support for integer, floating point, bfloat16 and block floating point
  • Speeds up to 750 MHz with integrated memory
  • Fully fracturable integer multiplier/accumulator

Target Applications

5G Infrastructure

Computational Storage

Test and Measurement



Compute Acceleration

VectorPath Accelerator Card

Get started with the VectorPath accelerator card featuring the Speedster7t FPGA

  • PCIe Gen3 ×16 with qualification path to Gen4 and Gen5
  • 400G and 200G Ethernet connectivity
  • GDDR6 delivering 4 Tbps memory bandwidth
  • Includes one-year license to ACE design software, BittWare BittWorks II toolkit, PCIe drivers

Speedster7t Product Table

Features AC7t750 AC7t1500 AC7t3000 AC7t6000
6-input LUTs 363K 692K 1.3M 2.6M
Embedded memory 100 Mb 190 Mb 192 Mb 385 Mb
MLP blocks 336 2,560 880 1,760
SerDes 112Gbps (LR + XSR) 24 + 16 32 + 0 40 + 32 72 + 0
General-purpose I/O (GPIO) 32 64 50 100
Special-purpose I/O (SPIO)(1) 150 157 300 600
DDR5 channels 1 1 2 4

8 channels

16 channels(2)

16 channels 16 channels
PCIe Gen5 One ×16 One ×16 and one ×8(3) One ×16 and one ×8 Two ×16
Ethernet 8 lanes, 2×400G or 8×100G 16 lanes, 4×400G or 16×100G 16 lanes, 4×400G or 16×100G 32 lanes, 8×400G or 32×100G


  1. When the DDR4 PHY is in bypass mode.
  2. AC7t1500 supports DDR4.
  3. This option varies by package size

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