Speedster7t FPGAs

Speedster®7t FPGAs are optimized for high-bandwidth workloads and eliminate the performance bottlenecks associated with traditional FPGAs.

The Speedster7t FPGA family is optimized for high-bandwidth workloads and eliminates the performance bottlenecks associated with traditional FPGAs. Built on the TSMC 7nm FinFET process, Speedster7t FPGAs feature a revolutionary new 2D network-on-chip (2D NoC), an array of new machine learning processors (MLPs) optimized for high-bandwidth and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) workloads, high-bandwidth GDDR6 interfaces, 400G Ethernet and PCI Express Gen5 ports. The 2D NoC connects all of the interfaces to over 80 access points in the FPGA fabric to deliver ASIC-level performance while retaining the full programmability of FPGAs. Get started today with the VectorPath accelerator card, featuring the Speedster7t FPGA.

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2D Network on Chip (2D NoC)High-Speed InterfacesMachine Learning Processors
  • >20 Tbps bandwidth
  • Interconnects, I/O, memory, internal functional blocks and FPGA fabric.
  • Reduces routing congestion vs. traditional FPGAs by over 40%
  • Simplifies FPGA design
  • PCIe Gen5
  • 112 Gbps SerDes (up to 64)
  • 400G Ethernet
  • GDDR6 memory
    • Up to eight controllers
    • Up to 4 Tbps bandwidth
  • Native support for integer, floating point, bfloat16 and block floating point
  • Speeds up to 750 MHz with co-located block RAM
  • Fully fracturable integer multiplier/accumulator

Target Applications

5G Infrastructure

Computational Storage

Test and Measurement



Compute Acceleration

Speedster7t Product Table

Part Number/NameAC7t800AC7t1500
6-input LUTs326k692k
Logic elements/
system logic cell equivalent
711k LE / 730k LC1,508k LE / 1,546k LC
Inline CryptographyYesNo
MLP: Multi-fracturable MAC array8642,560
LRAM (2.3 kb)8642,560
BRAM (73.7 kb)1,1522,560
Memory85 Mb190 Mb
ML TOps: int8 or block bfloat1620.561
DDR4/51 DDR5 ×64 (w/ ECC)1 DDR4 ×64 (w/ ECC)
High-bandwidth Memory Channels6 GDDR6 (1.5 Tbps, w/ ECC)16 GDDR6 (4 Tbps)
PCI Express Gen5One ×16One ×8, one ×16
Ethernet8 lanes, 2×400G/
16 lanes, 2×400G/
2D NoC bandwidth (Tbps)1220

Next-Generation FPGAs from Achronix

The next generation of Achronix FPGA technology brings many innovations to the FPGA industry including:

  • Modular chiplet-based architecture allowing scalability to create the highest density FPGAs on the latest process technology nodes
  • Power and performance optimized 2D NoC technology providing fast data transport across the entire FPGA and die-to-die interconnects
  • Enhanced DSP and ML processor arrays offering low-power but high-performance compute capabilities
  • New, state-of-the-art, security and encryption features to enable fully secure programming and communication protocols
  • Support for the highest performance SerDes, Ethernet, PCIe and CXL standards
  • Support for the highest bandwidth external memory interfaces



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VectorPath Accelerator Card

Get started with the VectorPath® accelerator card featuring the Speedster7t FPGA

  • PCIe Gen5 ×16 (PCI SIG Compliance)
  • 400G and 200G Ethernet connectivity
  • Eight channels of GDDR6 delivering 3.5 Tbps of memory bandwidth
  • Includes one-year license for Achronix Tool Suite, BittWare BittWorks II toolkit, PCIe drivers

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Our experts are happy to advise you on how Achronix can help with your toughest design challenges.

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