Unbeatable Bandwidth and Latency Performance


Speedcore IP's combined static and dynamic power consumption is less than half that of high-performance standalone FPGAs.


Speedcore eFPGA interfaces are massively parallel, single-ended buses with latency as low as 2ns. Whereas the latency performance for standalone FPGAs is typically 30ns to 100ns and is the performance bottleneck.


Speedcore eFPGAs eliminate the standalone FPGA costs and reduces system production costs for the following items:

• Smaller PCB size
• Reduced PCB layer count
• Eliminate FPGA supporting components
• Improved system reliability


Speedcore eFPGAs are based on the same technology used in Speedster22i FPGAs. ACE design tools support Speedster and Speedcore products. Customers can use ACE today to benchmark Speedcore performance, power and area utilization.


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Industry-standard, proven design tools

The Achronix CAD Environment (ACE) design tools are powerful and easy to use. ACE includes an Achronix version of Synplify-Pro from Synopsys for best-in-class synthesis and outputs simulation libraries that work with ModelSim from Mentor Graphics, VCS from Synopsys, IES from Cadence and Riviera-PRO from Aldec.

ACE design tools deliver the industry’s highest quality-of-results for performance, area and compile times. Additionally, ACE includes an example Speedcore instance that you can use to benchmark performance and power consumption against your current solutions.

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