Achronix Wins 2017 Company of the Year Award

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  • Award given to Achronix at UBM’s 2017 Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) awards ceremony
  • 2017 is a breakout year for Achronix as market demand grows for Achronix FPGA and eFPGA products

Santa Clara, Calif., December 13th, 2017 – Achronix Semiconductor Corporation, a leader in FPGA-based hardware accelerator devices and eFPGA IP, today announced that the UBM Americas 2017 ACE Awards selected Achronix as Company of the Year. This prestigious award is granted to the company that exhibits the highest degree of professionalism, staff development and retention, customer focus, technical excellence, and profitable growth, making it a true leader in the electronics sector.

“We’re honored to present the Company of the Year award to Achronix Semiconductor, a company that has distinguished itself as a leader in this industry,” said Suzanne Deffree, ESC (Embedded Systems Conference) Content Director, UBM Americas. “The goal of the ACE awards is to highlight the best of the best among today’s electronics companies, and Achronix continuously displayed excellence in its business practices throughout 2017.”

Achronix has experienced rapid growth, achieving over $100M in sales and is on track to growing its head count 35% by the end of 2017. This phenomenal growth has been fueled by Achronix’s standalone Speedster® FPGA family and its Speedcore™ eFPGA IP solutions which have successfully penetrated the high-growth market of hardware accelerators designed to offload CPU data processing and supercharge system performance for applications such as 5G wireless, AI/ML, high-performance computing, data centers, and automotive.

Designed specifically to be embedded in SoCs and ASICs, Speedcore eFPGA IP represents the next generation of programmable logic. Speedcore IP is a highly flexible solution that enables SoC developers to design programmability into their devices to address changing standards, to future-proof their products, or as a platform for their reprogrammable hardware accelerators. When compared to standalone FPGAs, Speedcore eFPGAs deliver smaller die area, higher performance, lower power and lower overall system costs.

The Speedcore architecture has been further enhanced with the recent introduction of Speedcore custom blocks, which allows designers to define custom functions that can be added as additional blocks in the eFPGA fabric alongside the traditional building blocks of look-up-tables (LUTs), RAMs, and DSPs. Speedcore custom blocks deliver the potential to significantly reduce die size while increasing performance and allowing functionality that has not previously been available in standalone FPGAs.

“The ACE award recognizing Achronix as Company of the Year is a testament to the innovation and hard work by our entire team, delivering excellent products and having a focus towards meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs,” said Robert Blake, Achronix CEO. “We would like to thank UBM for selecting Achronix for this prestigious award.”

Achronix expects to build on its success in 2018, driven in part by the recently announced Speedchip™ FPGA-based accelerator chiplets. These custom-built FPGA-based chiplets intended for 2.5D package integration will further enhance the company’s solution portfolio.

About Speedcore eFPGA

Speedcore eFPGA IP can be integrated into an ASIC or SoC to provide a customized programmable fabric. Customers specify their logic, memory and DSP resource needs, then Achronix configures the Speedcore IP to meet their individual requirements. Speedcore look-up-tables (LUTs), RAM blocks and DSP64 blocks can be assembled like building blocks to create the optimal programmable fabric for any given application.

About Achronix Semiconductor Corporation

Achronix Semiconductor Corporation is a fabless semiconductor corporation based in Santa Clara, California, offering high-end FPGA-based data acceleration solutions, designed to address high-performance, compute-intensive and real-time processing applications. Achronix FPGA and eFPGA IP offerings are further enhanced by ready-to-use accelerator cards targeting AI, machine learning, networking and data center applications. All Achronix products are fully supported by a complete and optimized range of Achronix software tools called ACE, which enables customers to quickly develop their own custom applications. Achronix has a global footprint, with sales and design teams across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

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