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  • 2017
  • Embedded FPGA – The Ultimate Accelerator May 10, 2017 by Kent Orthner

    What is an Embedded FPGA? An embedded FPGA (eFPGA) is an IP core that you integrate into your ASIC or SoC to get the benefits of programmable logic without the cost, but with better latency, throughput, and power characteristics. With an eFPGA, you define the quantity of look-up-tables (LUTs), registers, embedded memory, and DSP blocks. You can also control the aspect ratio, number of I/O ports, making tradeoffs between power and performance. Achronix delivers a GDS II representation of the Speedcore IP that you can integrate directly into your SoC or ASIC. We also provide you with a custom, full-featured version of our ACE design tools, …

    A Brief Introduction to Achronix and this Blog May 3, 2017 by Steve Mensor

    Welcome! We’re delighted that you’ve chosen to read our new blog. It’s probably safe to assume that if you’ve ended up here, you have some interest, either casual or technical, in learning more about our FPGA technology. Straight off the bat, it makes sense for us to answer two basic questions: who are we, and what is this blog for? Who is Achronix? The Basics. Achronix Semiconductor Corp is a fabless semiconductor company based in Silicon Valley. Founded in 2004, Achronix offers high-performance, application-targeted FPGAs and embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP. In 2013 Achronix started shipping its Speedster®22i FPGA product family, which has consistently delivered market-leading …