Unleash Reprogrammability & Connectivity: Visit Achronix at FPGAworld Conference 2023

Authored By:
Alexandra Saavedra
Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager

Posted On: Aug 21, 2023

On September 12 & 14, 2023, the FPGAworld Conference will kick off at AFRY in Stockholm, Sweden and the DTU Science Park in Copenhagen, Denmark respectively. This international gathering is not just an ordinary conference, it is a nexus of minds, ideas, and cutting-edge advancements that are set to reshape the FPGA landscape.

Exploring the FPGAworld Conference

For two days, FPGA enthusiasts, researchers, engineers, teachers, and even hackers from around the globe will converge in the heart of Stockholm and Copenhagen. Our team of FPGA experts invites you to visit our table to get a firsthand look at the latest advancements in FPGA technology shaping several industries' future.

Accelerated Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Demonstration

One highlight of Achronix's showcase is our accelerated automatic speech recognition (ASR) demonstration. Powered by Myrtle.ai's ASR solution hosted on an Achronix VectorPath accelerator card based on a Speedster7t FPGA presents a real-time, ultra-low-latency speech-to-text solution that drastically reduces costs by up to 90% in comparison to traditional CPU-based servers. This all-encompassing solution comes with a host API, requiring no RTL or FPGA expertise and is fully compatible with major deep learning frameworks, including PyTorch and Caffe 2.

Presentation: IP Replication and Partial Reconfiguration

Presented by Simon Longcroft, this presentation will delve into an innovative advancement of "IP Replication and Partial Reconfiguration Using an FPGA with 2D NoC". Simon will explore using a 2D NoC, FPGA core-fabric hardware architecture, and software tools to craft a soft IP core. This IP core seamlessly communicates with I/O, memory interfaces, and other IP cores within the FPGA fabric. The flexibility of this IP core enables easy replication and relocation within the fabric, while the software bitstream remapping tools enable the generation and movement of partial reconfiguration bitstreams. This innovative solution paves the way for multi-tenancy, seamless IP integration, and dynamic load balancing of accelerator functions within a single FPGA in data centers. This dynamic presentation underscores the FPGA fabric's adaptability, allowing cores to be swapped in and out on the fly, meeting evolving requirements without interrupting system operation.

In addition to the presentation, you can visit our booth for a demo of our partial reconfiguration solution which leverages our revolutionary 2D network-on-chip (NoC). Witness the seamless integration of various functional cores into a live design, implemented in the FPGA in real time. Four distinct signal generator cores showcase the ability to be downloaded, placed, routed, and executed within the FPGA fabric.

Explore Achronix's high-performance FPGA and eFPGA IP solutions designed for high-bandwidth, compute-intensive, and real-time processing applications:

  • Speedster®7t FPGAs – high-performance FPGAs with 2D network on chip. Delivers ASIC-level performance with the full programmability of FPGAs.
  • Speedcore™ eFPGA IP – over 15 million eFPGA IP cores shipped. Brings the performance and flexibility of programmable logic to ASICs and SoCs.
  • VectorPath® Accelerator Cards – PCIe Gen 5.0 x16 accelerator cards for rapid prototyping and production. Offers 400G and 200G Ethernet interfaces and 3.5 Tbps of GDDR6 memory bandwidth.

Meet with an FPGA Expert

Engage with Achronix to discuss your project and explore how we can support your performance and go-to-market goals. Arrange a meeting or private demo with the Achronix team: www.achronix.com/contact-us.

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