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Flexible Acceleration for Automotive SoCs

In this insightful presentation, Pascal Ravillion, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Achronix, dives deep into eFPGA IPs and their pivotal role in driving flexible acceleration for cutting-edge automotive systems and SoCs.

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Baird Video Webcast Series with Achronix

Tristan Gerra, Baird’s Senior Semiconductor Analyst, hosts Achronix CEO Robert Blake for an in-depth discussion on FPGAs and the AI landscape and opportunity.

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The Rise of the Chiplet

Chiplet technology is on the rise. Although the idea of chiplets has existed for decades, chiplet-based packaging is driving new types of components, products, and systems for specialized applications. Some believe the future of chip innovation lies in moving to modular designs based on “chiplet” building blocks, essentially moving from system-on-chip (SoC) to System-on-Package (SoP) chip architectures. So, when will this happen? What are the benefits? And what will spur adoption? We talk about that and more in this webinar with moderator, Brian Bailey (SemiEngineering), and panelists Nick Ilyadis (Achronix), Rich Wawrzyniak (Semico), and Bapi Vinnakota (ODSA).

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Unlock the Full Potential of FPGAs for Real-Time ML Inference

In this presentation, presented by Bill Jenkins, Director of Product Marketing for AI/Military/Financial, using the example of automatic speech recognition (ASR), we will explore how FPGAs can be used to accelerate conversational AI and Natural Language Processing applications.

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Enabling Technologies: Delivering a 6G World

There is no doubt that 6G will bring great changes to the world of connectivity, enabling revolutionary use cases. In the case of 6G, some commonly cited technological challenges include the openness of networks, aggregated network functions, and a lack of automation. Join our Director of Product Marketing, Colin Alexander, as he answers key questions regarding the implementation of 6G networks.

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Selecting Optimal Technology for AI Applications

In this webinar, presented by Colin Alexander, Director of Product Marketing, we discuss how FPGA and eFPGA IP solutions can meet the requirements of several edge applications that were traditionally only done in a data center.

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Unlocking the Full Potential of FPGAs for Real-Time ML Inference

In this webinar, Achronix Sr. Manager of Product Planning, Salvador Alvarez, presents "Unlocking the Full Potential of FPGAs for Real-Time ML Inference – Tuning an Overlay to an Architecture". In this presentation, using the example of automatic speech recognition (ASR), we will explore how an overlay can be used to optimally leverage the potential performance of an FPGA architecture.

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The Rise of the SmartNIC

In this webinar, Scott Schweitzer, Achronix Director of SmartNIC Product Planning and Jon Sreekanth, CTO of Accolade discuss:

  • SmartNIC architecture for 100GbE and beyond
  • Why the Data Plane needs to be dynamically programmable
  • The distinction between packet and flow functions
  • Why simply adding a sea of Arm cores in the Data Plane will not scale
  • The need for a highly performant on-chip network
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eFPGA IP Workload for Autonomous Vehicles

To unlock Level 5, truly autonomous vehicles, the industry needs more than just eccentric machine learning algorithms. The future of the automotive industry is dependent on our ability to produce high-performance, low-latency computing platforms.

IP workload acceleration is going to be a key ingredient in the future hardware for driving autonomy, and for that eFPGA technology is the ideal solution. In this webinar, Colin Alexander, Director of Product Marketing at Achronix, discusses the roadblocks to achieving full autonomy and how hardware acceleration with eFPGAs will play a key role moving forward in the automotive landscape.

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Managing FPGA Resources as Virtualized Accelerator Blocks

Achronix Semiconductor's presentation reviews how FPGA and embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP resources can be utilized to provide support for various acceleration offload requirements including protocol translation, security and ML workloads.

After attending this presentation, you will understand the benefits of FPGA and eFPGA IP architectures and how they can be used to implement virtualized accelerator blocks in your design.