AI Hardware Summit 2020

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Organized by Kisaco Research, the AI Hardware Summit is the only event dedicated to AI hardware. The summit invites leaders from AI chip start-ups, semiconductor companies, system vendors/OEMs, data centers, end users, financial services, investors and fund managers to build a comprehensive architectural roadmap of the emerging AI chip market. The event takes place online and will be hosted over a two week period: September 29–30 and October 6–7.

Virtual Booth

Achronix invites attendees to see us in our virtual booth where we will be presenting the latest in FPGA and eFPGA solutions specifically tuned for AI:

  • 7nm Speedster®7t FPGA which feature a revolutionary 2D network on chip and arithmetic processors optimized for AI/ML number formats
  • Speedcore™ eFPGA IP, the only proven eFPGA IP in high-volume applications which leverages the same proven IP from our standalone FPGAs


“Applicability of FPGAs and Embedded FPGA for Futureproofing Compute Acceleration”

Presented by Mike Fitton, Senior Director of Strategy and Planning


Both standalone FPGAs and ASICs with integrated embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP can be utilized to provide flexibility and futureproofing to accelerate high-performance workloads. The FPGA fabric becomes a flexible, re-programmable workload specific accelerator; it can be deployed to offload functions in networking, virtualization and machine learning.  In the case of ML, the FPGA/eFPGA can be utilized for connectivity and/or processing.  In the former, the FPGA acts as an application-dependent bridge, terminating arbitrary interfaces (e.g., to IoT sensors), aggregating the data streams and performing pre-processing. In addition, the FPGA can also perform the actual processing associated with machine learning; the flexible nature of the fabric means that it is particularly well suited to new, or evolving networks or number formats.  In this presentation, we will highlight a number of example usage models, using Achronix latest Speedster7t FPGA family as an illustrative example.

The presentation will be available in the Achronix virtual booth during the entire length of the conference.

Set up a Meeting

Attendees of the AI Hardware Summit are invited to set up meetings with Achronix technologists to discuss their current or upcoming AI design challenges. Schedule appointments via the conference networking platform or contact us to arrange a meeting.

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