CSIA-ICCAD 2018 Annual Conference

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During the development of China's IC design industry, CSIA - ICCAD Annual Conference has played an important role in promoting the industry cluster, linking industrial partners, and keeping attendees abreast of industry trends. Each year, the theme of the Annual Conference has been tied to the electronic information industry in the host city of the conference. The "CSIA - ICCAD 2018 Annual Conference & Zhuhai IC Industry Innovation and Development Summit (ICCAD 2018)" will be held in Zhuhai from November 29 to 30, 2018.

The theme of this year's conference is “Linking Core Power, Leading intelligence of the Great Bay Area”. The Conference will discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by the IC industry, especially the IC design industry, and enhance the innovation capability and the integration capability of China's IC industry chain to meet market demands and improve international competitiveness.

Achronix will host a booth at the event, focusing on integrating Speedcore eFPGA IP into ARM-based SOCs.

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