MoSys, Inc.

Partner Details

MoSys, Inc.
2309 Bering Drive, San Jose, CA 95131 USA

Partner Overview

MoSys is a public fabless semiconductor company focused on providing Silicon devices and software/firmware IP for Accelerating Data Intelligence with products that enable fast, intelligent data access and decision making for a wide range of markets including cloud networking, security, 5G networks, SmartNIC, test and measurement, and video systems.


MoSys offers a diverse set of accelerators, memory and Phy IP cores:

  • Stellar - Virtual Accelerator Engine IP (Intellectual Property)
    • Packet Search and Classification FPGA IP
    • Platform Tools and Products
    • Portable Functions Across a Range of Performance-Scaled Hardware
  • Quazar & Blazar - Memory IC Products
    • High-speed Serial Attached Memories for FPGA Applications
      • Patented Serial High-speed Interface (Signal Connections)
      • Intelligent In-Memory Functions
  • LineSpeed - High-Speed PHY (Serial Signal) IC Products
    • Signal Conditioning, Gearbox, Retimers

Partnership Solutions

MoSys programmable packet-based solutions on Achronix FPGAs and eFPGAs.