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Xentech Solutions Ltd Selects Achronix Speedster22i FPGAs for Their Axtrinet Ethernet Packet Generators

Santa Clara, Calif., May 17, 2016 – Achronix Semiconductor Corporation today announced that Xentech Solutions Limited selected Achronix Speedster22i FPGAs for its compact and low-cost Axtrinet™ Ethernet Packet Generators. By using the embedded hard Ethernet and DDR3 controllers in Speedster22i FPGAs, Xentech was able to meet its aggressive cost and power targets.

Telesoft Technologies Selects Achronix Speedster22i FPGAs for Dual 100GbE MPAC6200

Santa Clara, Calif., Jan 20, 2015 – Achronix Semiconductor Corporation today announced that Telesoft Technologies has selected Achronix Speedster22i HD1000 FPGAs for the MPAC6200, industry’s first dual 100GbE PCIe card for cyber security, monitoring and analytics.

GL Communications Inc. selects Achronix Speedster22i FPGAs for 10/40/100G PacketExpert

Santa Clara, Calif., March 22, 2016 – Achronix Semiconductor Corporation today announced that GL Communications Inc. selected the Achronix Speedster22i HD1000 FPGA for its 10/40/100G PacketExpert™ Ethernet tester, a hardware-based test instrument suited for the installation, troubleshooting and comprehensive testing of Ethernet/IP networks.

EDN Names Achronix’s Speedcore Gen4 eFPGA to its Hot 100 Products of 2018

Santa Clara, Calif., February 5, 2019 – Achronix Semiconductor Corporation, a leader in FPGA-based data accelerator devices and high-performance eFPGA IP, had its new Speedcore Gen4 eFPGA IP recognized as one of the year’s hot 100 products of 2018 by the editorial staff of the EDN Network earlier this month.

CIOReview Magazine Recognizes Achronix
  • Achronix Recognized by CIOReview Magazine as One of 20 Most Promising High-Performance Compute Solution Providers
  • Annual Listing Places Achronix at Forefront for Providing HPC Solutions that Impact Market
  • Achronix Pushes Boundaries in HPC Market, Notes CIOReview Magazine

Santa Clara, Calif., August 9, 2018 –– Achronix Semiconductor Corporation, a leader in FPGA-based hardware accelerator devices and embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP, was recognized today by