Speester22i HD

Up to 1 million effective LUTs

Speedster®22i HD devices are high-performance and high-density synchronous FPGAs, offering up to 1.0 million effective LUTs, 86 megabits of embedded RAM and are built on Intel’s 22nm 3-D Tri-Gate FinFET process.

Speedster22i HD devices include embedded hard IP for communication applications including 10G/40G/100G Ethernet, 100G Interlaken, PCIe Gen3 x8 and DDR3 ×72. Additionally, Speedster22i FPGAs have up to sixty four (64) lanes of 10.375 Gbps SerDes and up to 996 high-speed general purpose I/O.


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Industry-standard, proven design tools.

The Achronix CAD Environment (ACE) design tools are powerful and easy to use. ACE includes an Achronix version of Synplify-Pro from Synopsys for best-in-class synthesis and outputs simulation libraries that work with ModelSim from Mentor Graphics, VCS from Synopsys, IES from Cadence and Riviera-PRO from Aldec.

ACE design tools deliver the industry’s highest quality-of-results for performance, area and compile times. Additionally, ACE includes an example Speedcore instance that you can use to benchmark performance and power consumption against your current solutions.


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The excellent Achronix support personnel and detailed documentation allows you to quickly onboard your team and jumpstart your project. We also offer one-day, on-site workshops in multicore CPU acceleration for server applications, ASIC integration flow or Achronix eFPGA programming software benchmarks.

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