Logic Fruit Technologies

Partner Details

Logic Fruit Technologies Pvt Ltd
806, BPTP Park Centra, Sec-30, Gurgaon, India, 122002

Partner Overview

Logic Fruit Technologies is one of the leaders in FPGA centric Product Engineering Service and its team has worked on industry leading FPGAs for since 2000. Some of the markets that we serve includes Wired, Wireless,T&M and A&D. Logic Fruit has graduated from traditional FPGA business to the new era of complex FPGA use cases particularly in Data Center and AI/ML designs where the strong expertise on CPU, GPU, AISC and SoC are additionally required.


Logic Fruit team has deep expertise on high speed serial protocols like PCIe, Ethernet, DisplayPort, etc., and digital signal processing. Logic Fruit has 50+ HW proven RTL IPs, which are available to build a system quickly. Some of the system level products from Logic Fruit are as follows:

  • VPX form factor based Single Board computer with ARINC818 Interface

  • 512Channel scalable Data Acquisition System

  • 16Channel IF Recoder and Replayer

  • 4Channel RF Recoder and Replayer

  • Heterogeneous (FPGA+DSP) based Video processing System

  • TCP/IP Offload Engine

  • CPRI7.0 and JESD204B

Partnership Solutions

Logic Fruit has over decade of experience developing FPGA based systems and has implemented range of solutions that uses RTL and Software IPs. Logic Fruit has strong technical team of over 100 people and can help customer address their solution needs on different FPGA technologies offered by Achronix.