Achronix is a privately held, fabless corporation based in Santa Clara, California. Achronix offers high-density and high-performance, application-targeted field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) called Speedster®22i that are built on Intel’s 22nm process technology and offers PCIe acceleration development boards built with Speedster22i FPGAs. The Speedster22i FPGAs include fully integrated hard IP protocol functions targeted for communications applications including 100G Ethernet, 100G Interlaken, PCI Express and DDR3. Achronix also offers Speedcore embedded FPGA technology (eFPGA) that is delivered as IP for customers to integrate into their ASIC or SoC.

All of Achronix products are supported by the Achronix CAD environment (ACE), an easy-to-use, mature, robust design-tool suite. ACE includes integrated support for industry-standard synthesis tool Synplify Pro from Synopsys.

Target markets for Achronix products include:

  • CPU acceleration
  • Network acceleration
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Test and measurement
  • Military and security