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100G Ethernet Demonstration video

Achronix has released a video showing 100G Ethernet operation of its Speedster22i HD1000 FPGAs. The HD1000 device contains two embedded, hard Ethernet IP blocks, each capable of 1 x 100G, 3 x 40G or 12 x 10G.

To see the video, please click below:

100G Video

22nm FPGAs Now Shipping

Achronix is now shipping the first Speedster22i FPGAs. Speedster22i devices are built on Intel’s 22nm process technology featuring 3-D Tri-Gate transistor technology. The Speedster22i HD1000 has over 1 million effective look-up-tables (LUT) and includes a wide range of hardened interface IP, which lowers power, cost and design time compared with other high end FPGAs.

The supported hard IP interfaces are:

  • 10/40/100 gigabit Ethernet MAC
  • DDR3 Phy and Controller, up to 1866 Mbps
  • PCI Express Gen 1/2/3
  • 100 gigabit Interlaken


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