(5100-1006) Product/Test Engineer

Job Title

(5100-1006) Product/Test Engineer

Santa Clara, CA
Job Description

Achronix Semiconductor Corporation is a fabless semiconductor corporation based in Santa Clara, California, offering high-performance FPGA solutions. Achronix is the only supplier to have both high-performance and high-density standalone FPGAs and embedded FPGA (eFPGA) solutions in high-volume production. Achronix's FPGA and eFPGA IP offerings are further enhanced by ready-to-use PCIe accelerator cards targeting AI, ML, networking and data center applications. All of Achronix's products are supported by best-in-class EDA software tools.

Position Profile Name:Product/Test Engineer

Requisition No.:5100-1006

Type of Position:Regular, Exempt

Reports to:VP Operations




Santa Clara, CA


Job Description/Responsibilities

The Product/Test Engineer is responsible for Achronix FPGA product lines.

  • Maintain and improve the product quality and cost
  • Develop the production ATE test program
  • Improve the process and the yield
  • Support product qualification and characterization
  • Provide debug activities for the first silicon bring-up and test program for 16nm, 12nm, 7nm and 5nm Speedster® FPGA families
  • Provide functional verification and characterization for On-Chip RAM, Interconnect Routing Fabric, Logic Element Blocks and Configuration RAM
  • Production wafer sort and unit testing
  • Volume Data Analysis and Modeling along with defining Yield Management tools
  • Test development for new product Reliability Testing

ATE knowledge and experience for SOC, DFT and semiconductor qualification are required, as well as good communication skill to work with both internal and external counterparts.

Primary Job Responsibilities
  • Manage Achronix FPGA production quality
  • Work with Designers to implement DFT function, achieve best in class test coverage and low PPM rates
  • Design ATE load board and probe card, generate ATE test program, maintain program contents and the test time
  • First silicon bring-up and test program debug
  • Characterize product performance and generate ATE characterization test programs
  • Maintain and improve product yield, the test program and the test cost, which include data analysis and manufacturing process improvement
  • Support designing product qualification equipment and execution
  • Perform failure analysis of the product
Required Skills
  • At least 5 to 10 years of experience testing complex Integrated Circuits, FPGA and Advantest 93K tester preferred
  • Understanding of Advantest tester and the program generation
  • Experience with handling large test vectors
  • Knowledge of wafer fabrication and assembly process
  • Experience with high speed signal testing and load board design
  • Knowledge of Qualification and reliability testing
  • Good data analysis skills
  • Knowledge of device failure analysis/FIB
  • System-level testing knowledge is a plus
  • Engineering BS/MS in EE or SW