(5100-1005) Product Test Engineer

Job Title

(5100-1005) Product Test Engineer

Santa Clara, CA
Job Description

Achronix Semiconductor Corporation is a fabless semiconductor corporation based in Santa Clara, California, offering high-performance FPGA solutions. Achronix is the only supplier to have both high-performance and high-density standalone FPGAs and embedded FPGA (eFPGA) solutions in high-volume production. Achronix's FPGA and eFPGA IP offerings are further enhanced by ready-to-use PCIe accelerator cards targeting AI, ML, networking and data center applications. All of Achronix's products are supported by best-in-class EDA software tools.

Position Profile Name:Product Test Engineer

Requisition No.:5100-1005

Type of Position:Regular, Exempt

Reports to:VP Operations




Santa Clara, CA


Job Description/Responsibilities

The Product Test Engineer is responsible for Achronix FPGA product lines. Duties include the following:

  • Maintain and improve the product quality and cost
  • Develop the production ATE test program
  • Improve the process and the yield
  • Product support including qualification and characterization
  • First silicon bring-up and test program debug activities for 16nm, 12nm, 7nm and 5nm Speedster® Families
  • Functional verification and characterization for On-Chip RAM, Interconnect Routing Fabric, Logic Element Blocks and Configuration RAM
  • Production wafer sort and unit testing
  • Volume Data Analysis and Modeling along with defining Yield Management tools
  • Test development for Reliability Testing of new products
Primary Job Responsibilities
  • Manage Achronix FPGA production quality
  • Work with Designers to implement DFT function and to achieve best-in-class test coverage and low PPM rates
  • Design ATE load board and probe card, generate the ATE test program, maintain its contents and the test time
  • First silicon bring-up and test program debug
  • Characterize product performance and generate ATE characterization test programs
  • Maintain and improve product yield, the test program and the test cost, which include data analysis and manufacturing process improvement
  • Support designing product qualification equipment and execution
  • Perform product failure analysis
Required Skills
  • ATE knowledge/experience for SOC, DFT and semiconductor qualification
  • At least 5-10 years of experience testing complex Integrated Circuits/FPGAs with Advantest 93K tester preferred
  • Understanding Advantest tester and the program generation
  • Experience handling large test vectors
  • Knowledge of wafer fabrication and assembly process
  • Experience with high speed signal testing and load board design
  • Knowledge of Qualification and reliability testing
  • Competent with data analysis
  • Knowledge of device failure analysis/FIB
  • Excellent communication skill; able to work with both internal and external counterparts
  • System-level testing knowledge is a plus
Education and Experience
  • Engineering BS/MS in EE or SW