Hardware Automation Engineer (6200-1020)

Job Title

Hardware Automation Engineer (6200-1020)

Hardware Engineering
Santa Clara, CA

Achronix is a fabless corporation based in Santa Clara, California and offers high-performance FPGA solutions. Achronix's history is one of pushing the boundaries in the high-performance FPGA market. Achronix offerings include programmable FPGA fabrics, discrete high-performance and high-density FPGAs with hardwired system-level blocks, data center and HPC hardware accelerator boards, and best-in-class EDA software supporting all Achronix products. The Core Technology team at Achronix owns the reconfigurable fabric (look-up tables, routing, configuration memory, carry chains, register files, multipliers, etc.) for our company’s FPGAs. Members of our team participate in all phases of the FPGA product-development cycle, from architecture conception to circuit design and implementation to high-volume manufacturing.

Job Description and Responsibilities
The employee will own hardware design automation and flows for the core technology team at Achronix. His or her responsibilities will include the following:

  • Develop and maintain Python tools for hardware design automation and analysis
  • Develop and support processes for bug tracking, continuous integration and hardware regression testing using a combination of internally-developed scripts and third-party tools
  • Monitor regression environment for systematic issues and facilitate health checks (e.g. system/disk performance, rolling out script/tool/plugin updates)
  • Identify infrastructure optimizations and validate them using data-driven processes
  • Identify areas for improvement in the engineering process and design and develop scripts to implement these improvements
  •  Drive efforts to improve the visibility into the design process to catch errors earlier and implement automated error checking
  • Collaborate with external teams to drive standardization of engineering processes and methodologies across organizations
  • Skills and Qualifications:
  • Excellent programming and debugging skills in Python
  • Excellent Unix/Linux knowledge
  • Able to build complex Python tools from scratch as needed
  • Experience profiling and optimizing scripts, both for performance and portability
  • Strong understanding of version control systems – e.g. perforce, git, mercurial
  •  Experience with CI/CD tools is a plus – e.g. Jenkins, TravisCI, Buildbot
  •  Familiarity with grid engine or job scheduler tools – e.g. SGE, LSF
  • Familiarity with circuit/ASIC design process and FPGAs is a plus
  •  Familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts is a plus
  •  Well organized with excellent communication skills; ability to operate without direct supervision and collaborate efficiently with other team members
  • BS/MS in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science + 2-6 years’ experience