Tharace Systems Inc.

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Tharace Systems

San Jose, CA, USA

Partner Overview

Thrace Systems is a privately held Electronic Design Automation company. We believe in reducing power dissipation in semiconductor devices. It is our mission to enable Everyone — Architects, Design Engineers, System Engineers, Application Engineers, and Reliability Experts, collaborate to better understand, plan and optimize power dissipation of their devices and systems. For this we have developed a web based cloud hosted innovative platform for full-chip and system power dissipation analysis. 



Platform for full chip and system power analysis. It enables Power Analysis from pre-RTL stage, during design implementation and system design, to post-tapeout and system operation modeling. The platform enables quick what-if analysis over unlimited number of use cases. It can integrate data at the die-level of digital and mixed-signal and analog IP as well as at system-level integrate data for multiple dies into a SiP and board-level system model, including support for voltage regulator analysis. To serve a wide range of users, from high-performance Datacenter to ultra low-power IoT devices, the system provides information for maximum and average power dissipation as well as total energy consumption.

Partnership Solutions

PowerMeter – platform for full chip (standalone and embedded FPGAs) and system power analysis enables Architects and Engineers to quickly generate power analysis results over many use cases and track progress over time.