Partner Details

Santa Clara, CA, United States (offices in India and Canada as well)

Partner Overview

rENIAC was founded in 2013 by Prasanna Sundararajan, CEO and Chidamber Kulkarni, CTO to give customers the ability to operationalize large data sets in real time.  rENIAC is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and investors include Intel Capital, UMC Capital, Leawood Venture Capital,  Divergent Capital, Bullpen Capital, Upheaval Investments and J-Angels.


rENIAC Data Engine

rENIAC’s Data Engine accelerates and optimizes existing open source database implementations for data-centric applications like AI, ML, fraud prevention, payment processing, identity resolution and recommendation engines. rENIAC is flexible and deployed in minutes on prem, hybrid or in the cloud. By combining the power of FPGAs with proprietary software, rENIAC provides industry leading customers with reduced CPU usage and node count, increased performance, and consistent, predictable SLAs unattainable through a traditional database alone.

Partnership Solutions

Achronix and rENIAC can help customers working on high data volume applications like AI, ML or other vertically aligned solutions (fraud prevention, payment processing, personalization, recommendation engines, messaging and chat) to increase their transaction throughput and reduce CPU usage. It provides customers with the ability to get more out of their existing infrastructure, consolidate their tech stack and meet business KPIs like increasing revenue, customer satisfaction and customer experience while managing costs.