Packetblaze A/S

Company Details

Packetblaze A/S
Copenhagen, Denmark

Partner Overview

Packetblaze designs and manufactures high-performance hardware systems capable of monitoring IP traffic flows for network visibility purposes. Hardware systems able to monitor entire networks while at the same time drilling down to provide visibility and identifying any packet on the network. Providing full packet capture with zero packet loss.


Packet Classifier Engine

Packet ingress, port merge. Layered header decoder, additional filtering capabilities.

PCIe DMA with DPDK Driver

Complete PCIe DMA subsystem. Scales well above PCIe gen4 x 16. Support SR-IOV. Driver framework based on DPDK for easy integration into existing application software framework.

Ethernet Packet Generator

Template based packet generator for testing very high bandwidth packet scenarios. Scales beyond 1 TB/s. Many options for structured modifications of packet fields and payload.