DinoPlusAI, Inc.

Partner Details

DinoPlusAI, Inc.
48371 Fremont Blvd, Suite 103, Fremont CA 94538

Partner Overview

DinoPlusAI, founded in October 2017, is a fabless semiconductor corporation based in Fremont, California. DinoPlusAI offers high-performance, ultra-low latency AI platform. DinoPlusAI will be the platform of choice for next generation AI applications where latency matters as much as the throughput and power, such as AR/VR, NLP, gaming, 5G, industrial automation, autonomous driving, cybersecurity and FinTech. As demonstrated in recent benchmarking in applications such as speech recognition and image classification, DinoPlusAI achieved similar performance with order of magnitude better in cost and power compared to the existing state-of-art solution.


Achronix-related products and services by market segment or technology:

  • TREX - AI processor with unique architecture that achieves ultra-low latency for all AI workloads including CNN, LSTM, MLP and BERT. Ultra-low latency AI is a key differentiator enabling latency sensitive applications
  • Complete software stack, enabling lower time-to-market for AI developers

Partnership Solutions

DinoplusAI products and services are synergistic with Achronix’s FPGA device, chiplet, and IP products, its ACE design tools and technology:

  • AI is a key capability that FPGA vendors are starting to implement
  • By leveraging the capabilities of Achronix solutions (in particular Speedster®7t FPGAs), TREX can provide an immediately available solution for Achronix customers, with differentiated performance and lower latency