Acclivis Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Partner Details

Acclivis Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Sr No 6/6/1 7/7 10/4 PL
No 3 & 4 Pakharbaug NDA Road Near Pune
411021 Maharashtra – India

Partner Overview

Acclivis Technologies is a high-end services company managed by technically qualified professionals with collective experience of more than 200 man-years in product engineering services with custom solutions to meet the client requirements.

Acclivis believe that processes are the key of successful deliveries and therefore, Acclivis follows well defined industry processes for software and hardware development, testing, maintenance and sustenance projects.


Cryptography Computation Algorithms:

  • DES, DES3 & AES128-Bit algorithm VHDL/Verilog implementation to FPGA.
  • Pipeline at each round of computation in order to achieve hi performance throughput and reduce the clock cycles.
  • Arbitration logic for computed results as to align with output frame

Dual PCIe-based Network Controller

  • Network configuration and controller architecture
  • High throughput GbE interfaces with multi-channel (8 channels)
  • Internal storage with Block RAM, DP-RAM and FIFO
  • Configuration registers with PCIe-local interface.
  • Memory mapped FPGA device for configuration and data access.

Network Bridge – 12X 10G MAC to 100G MAC

  • Support for 12X 10G MAC interfaces to single 100G interfaces
  • Used XAUI for 10G MAC and CAUI for 100G MAC

High-Performance Acceleration Engine Core

  • High-performance accelerated engine cores for computation.
  • High-speed computation algorithms implemented in target FPGA(s).
  • Leverage fabric features like high-speed clock, DSP primitives and local storage with block RAMs and registers.

Partnership Solutions

  • High-performance network accelerator or SmartNIC engine core
  • Data fusion, streaming, codecs, transcoding and compute intensive applications
  • FPGA- based systems for image processing such as image modeling, machine vision and high-end imaging systems