Partner Details

805 avenue JRGG de la Lauziere
13290, Aix en Provence, France

Partner Overview

Accelize offers an FPGA applications and FPGA IP cores distribution platform. This product helps FPGA companies to:

  • Protect their intellectual properties by using our patented, hardware DRM technology
  • Monetize their apps using our unique licensing solutions. Our platform allows new kind of business models such as floating or pay-as-you-go
  • Scale their solutions to a vast variety of environment either on premise or in the cloud

The distribution platform can be seen as a custom-branded “App Store” where our customers can engage with their customers, craft tailored pricing plans and manage the relationship. It also manages the billing and invoicing automatically.

Our solution allows also an FPGA application developers to use third-party IP along with their own IP and make sure that everyone is getting retributed accordingly to their real usage by the final user.


  • Accelize Distribution Platform – A unique web portal to engage with customer, manage entitlements, generate invoices, collect revenue
  • Accelize DRM IP – RTL FPGA IP to be inserted in an FPGA design to lock its functionality when unlicensed
  • Accelize DRM Library – C/C++/Python API to handle FPGA application licensing. free and open source
  • Accelize AccelPy – Python API to simply FPGA application deployment on premise or in public/private clouds. It handles all steps from provisioning to application execution with few command lines.

Partnership Solutions

The Accelize Distribution platform is a key element to grow an ecosystem of applications. It allows FPGA IP cores developers and FPGA application developers to work easily together with confidence.

Hardware-DRM licensing is the only secure way for sharing cores and applications between actors of the ecosystem. FPGA companies today are mainly focused on technical development and marketing. On a few of them have the resources for doing the billing and invoicing operations. By providing a white-labeled “application store”, Accelize reduces drastically Achronix partners time-to-market.