Speedster®22i FPGAs are the industry’s first application-targeted FPGAs rich with embedded hard IP for high-speed communication protocols. Speedster22i FPGAs are built to meet the needs of high-bandwidth, high-end communication applications.

Intel process

Achronix’s Speedster22i products are the only FPGAs built with Intel’s 22nm process technology. The transistors in this process consume 50% less power and are 40% faster than transistors built in 28nm planar processes.

Embedded hard IP

Speedster22i devices are the first FPGAs to include fully integrated hard IP protocol functions targeted for communications applications. The hard IP in Speedster22i devices includes the entire I/O protocol stack for 10/40/100 gigabit Ethernet, Interlaken, PCI Express Gen 1/2/3 and memory controllers for 1866 Mbps DDR3. In other FPGAs, users must implement these function in the programmable logic fabric, increasing the cost and power of the FPGA solution and making timing closure difficult. Additionally, the embedded hard IP in Speedster22i FPGAs eliminates the cost of purchasing, integrating and testing these functions as soft IP.

Package technology

Speedster22i uses best-in-class package technology to deliver the highest bandwidth and best signal integrity for high-bandwidth applications. Manufactured by Intel, the largest Speedster22i package has nearly 2,600 pins, delivering 50% more general-purpose I/O and 50% higher bandwidth than competitive FPGAs.

picoPIPE® Architecture

Speedster22i HP FPGAs use Achronix’s patented picoPIPE® self-timed architecture, operate at up to 1.5 GHz and are 3x to 4x faster than synchronous FPGAs. Speedster22i HP FPGAs are designed to achieve maximum performance for data flow applications such as DSP and encryption/decryption.