New Science Ventures
New Science Ventures, LLC is a New York-based venture capital fund focused on science-based investments with the potential to create order of magnitude improvements in costs or performance. Previous investments have been in the semiconductor, life science, and material science sectors. NSV’s portfolio includes investments in the US, Europe, India and China and is balanced between early and late stage companies. New Science Ventures
GKFF is a diversified global private equity fund with more than $3.5 billion under management. GKFF exercises wide discretion on investment size, stage, sector and geography. Its equity investments span such diverse markets as alternative energy, technology, financial services, media, telecommunications, medical devices, aviation, retail and healthcare. In addition to an active investment pace in India, GKFF’s portfolio includes investments in the United States, China, Israel, Japan, Eastern Europe and Australia.
Entrepia Ventures
Entrepia Ventures invests in private, technology-based, expansion-stage companies that stand to benefit from market or technology affiliation with Japan. Operating out of offices in Santa Clara, Montreal and Tokyo, Entrepia helps its portfolio companies generate incremental top-line growth to become more competitive, successful and valuable. Anchored on access, relationships, a hands-on approach, and on-the-ground presence, Entrepia’s “Japan link” strategy is directed towards investment opportunities worldwide in IT, communications, electronics and core technologies Entrepia Ventures
Easton Capital Group
Easton Capital Group (Easton) is a venture capital firm which invests primarily in growth capital and healthcare opportunities through two funds, Easton Capital Partners LP and Easton Hunt New York LP (a fund dedicated to investing in New York State companies). Its target investments are well-managed companies characterized by differentiated products addressing major unserved markets. Easton’s partners have more than 180 years experience in venture capital, having managed more than $1.5 billion in assets. Easton has offices in New York and Florida. For more information, visit Easton Capital Group